Eating in Japan

What have we been eating in Japan? I’m a sushi girl, so for the most part I’ve been devouring delicacies like this. I enjoyed this salmon, squid and tuna today during our Hakone visit. The fish is always so fresh and soft that I barely notice its rawness. Although I will admit the eyes on this krill made me pause. Fresh Fish Rice Bowl: Hakone

A lot of times, D and I are with my friends’ co-workers. They’ve taken us to their favorite places. A couple of days ago, we ate at a Thai restaurant. The table was full of everyone’s dishes. We had pan-fried greens, curry crab claws and rice paper rolls.

Rice Paper Rolls: Yokosuka

Aside from the two McD’s meals the girls have had, sometimes when they are with us, we end up eating something that’s a little more Americanized, like this four-cheese pizza. This pie was still a little different because one of the four was blue cheese.

Four-cheese pizza: Enoshima

This Bento Box was one of my favorites. Normally, I don’t eat pre-packaged sushi, but for some reason I trusted this one. It was actually good and seemed just as fresh as the other meals I’d had.

Bento Box: Kyoto Station

The last thing that I’ve had (twice) and didn’t really expect is Indian food. Butter curry chicken and medium curry chicken with a side of nan has quickly become my favorite. I first had this at the Aeon Mall in Kyoto. Then, again at a Yokosuka restaurant.

Overall, we’ve eaten well. The food has been good and I’ve eaten similar food that I would have while in the States.

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