Hydrangeas Everywhere 

There are lots of people who research and learn about a culture prior to arriving to a new place. But not me. Because I hadn’t learned about Japanese weather or surroundings, I was most surprised to learn about an indigenous flower, the hydrangea. This particular one is located in Hase-dera Temple (Kamakura). In fact, right outside of the temple there is a hydrangea path. When you enter the temple, there is a number on your admission ticket. That number represents what time you’ll be able to stand in line, climb the hill and view the flowers. Initially, standing in line in order to look at flowers sounded like a crazy idea. But I must admit, this is something that you should do if you ever visit.

If you’re unable to travel to Kamakura, then don’t worry. These flowers are everywhere. Whether it’s Yokosuka, Enoshima or Kyoto, if it’s June or July, then spotting hydrangeas is guaranteed. And what’s been most fascinating is not only the size, but also the colors. Images rarely portray the actual beauty of a subject. However, Japan’s hydrangeas speak for themselves. We spotted this one while in Hakone.

At first, this trip was planned for December. But I’m glad that it was postponed for June. Otherwise, I would’ve missed out on this country’s most natural beauty. 

6 thoughts on “Hydrangeas Everywhere 

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